Meet The Vestry

What is the vestry?

The vestry of an Episcopal church has three primary responsibilities. The first two are managerial: to take care of parish finances and the parish buildings. The third is to choose individuals to fill various positions of leadership: the choice of a rector, the choice of delegates to the diocesan convention, and the selection of others as the diocesan canons may stipulate.  The vestry also serves as an advisory council to the rector who by church law is the parish’s chief liturgical and pastoral officer.

Members of the Incarnation Vestry for 2017

Karen Whitacre

Senior Warden & Mission and Outreach Ministry

Larry Varney

Junior Warden & Maintenance and Property Ministry

Stev Overstreet

(Non Vestry) - Treasurer

Heidi Mcintyre

Clerk of the Vestry

Communications Ministry

Katarina Perez

Community Life & Hospitality

Renee Cartee

Worship Ministry

Tendai Mafarachisi

Evangelism/Newcomers Ministry

Vicky Pace

Christian Formation & Children's/Youth Ministry


The vestry consists of lay members of the church elected by the congregation at the annual parish meeting.  The vestry of the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation currently has eight elected members. Each year, the vestry elects the Senior and Junior Wardens. The Vestry Clerk is chosen by the the vestry from among the members of the vestry or the congregation at large. Vestry members normally serve a three year term and must be members in good standing of the parish.